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For the last four+ months we, PWIC Global Impact non-profit (PWIC stands for Powerful Women International Connections) have supported over 100 families in Ukraine with bi-weekly & monthly financial aid. We're pleased to share the launch of a new program "ADOPT A FAMILY" ( request form) making its easier for anyone to support a family, build personal connection with people you're supporting and become a true hero for to the struggling family in Ukraine.
"ADOPT A FAMILY" program would like to introduce you to 18 Ukrainian families who are looking for monthly finical support and have given the permission to share their stories. Please read thought their stories and reach out to us if you're in a position to Adopt a Family from Ukraine. Many of these families have lost everything and went thought the most traumatizing months in their lives since the beginning of russian aggression. 

All these families are TRUE fighters and amaze us with their resilience and motivation to work as hard as needed to rebuild their lives. These families are in need of the finical support today but looking become independent and self-sufficient within a few months. Your support in Adopting a Family will allow to: 

-  cover the rent or/and provide the access to safe long-term living accommodation
-  cover the food, basics and medication expanses for family
-  specialty products for children, ill and elderly.  

Please review the "ADOPT A FAMILY" slides above with family's' brief stories of the challenges they are facing and how the financial support can help them. If you'd like to support the particular family please indicate their name in the survey (Link).

Also if you're looking to offer the monthly support to any of the families on the PWIC GLOBAL IMPACT program please sign up for the monthly donation on our home page.
Thank you for your support!


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