Thank you for your DONATIONS. With your support PWIC Global Impact non-profit and our partners have funded the following projects in Ukraine. 

PWIC Global Impact Raised $31,250 by over 100+ donors. 
Total Projects Funded $37,200 (with Partners)

Mental Health Program since March, 15th
Benefiting 200+ Ukrainian Women 

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Launched Financial Aid on 2nd of March, 2022
Total Funds Distributed:
$22,300 by Oct 1st 
Ongoing financial support to Ukrainian Families in need. Helped over 100 families 
PWIC funded $16,300 
*( +$6000 of Donation has been provided by "Watches For Good" non-profit) 



The purchase of two hoodies supports Ukrainian Family for one week! 100% of net proceeds funds Financial Aid in Ukraine.    

Stories of hardship shared by Ukrainian Families who've received the financial help from PWIC Global Impact and Partners: 
Anna S. Ukrainian mother with children, who is staying for days on the train station refugee camp in Poland. Anna run out of money for any personal expenses. 
Irina O. Irina's house was destroyed from bomb shelling in city Irpin, her husband was killed during the bombing. Irina was left with two young children without clothing in a winter, zero money. 
Natalia  has two toddlers, one child very ill. Had no help since many people who supported have evacuated. 
N. S. single mother in city Kherson, run out any money, food, etc. 
Yulia K. caregiver husband with his bedridden disable wife couldn't evacuate. Need any support. 
Anna N. was able to evacuate Kyiv during shelling, needed money to get to Moldova border. 
Elina I. for over a week was hiding in the bomb shelter from Russian army shelling. Needed money for gas to leave to Lviv boarded. She was able to evacuated Ukraine in 2 days after receiving help. 
Anastasiya A. pregnant mother with toddler ran out of any resources. Her husband went to fight in the war to protect Ukraine. 
Iryna G. single mother with two children couldn't evacuate. 
Yuriy R. medical doctor from Kharkiv left his home after hiding 8 days of shelling without access to food. Went to volunteers at the border to help refugee families. 
.... there are millions of Ukrainian heartbreaking stories of families losing loved once, their homes destroyed on their eyes, having no resources to evacuate to reach safety.


Meals, Nutrition and Medication Program
Total Funds Distributed to the Volunteering Groups in Ukraine: $12,000 by April 30th, 2022
PWIC Global Impact Funded: $6,000 "Orlova Help"; $1,000 "Spilnota.Dia"; $1,000 "Good.Samaritan.Fund"
- $3,000 supported food distribution to 700 people staying in the bomb shelters in Kharkiv metro.
- $3,000 biweekly wholesale food purchasing ~ 1 ton of grains+pasta, on-going sum.   
- $1,000 "Spilnota.Dia" in Kharkiv food, essentials. 
- $1,000 "Good.Samaritan.Fond" in Odesa food, essentials.
*$1,000 "Spilnota.Dia" in Kharkiv food, essentials. 
*$1,000 "Good.Samaritan.Fund" in Odesa food, essentials.
*$2,000 " Anna Gulyaeva" in Kyiv and Irpin food, medication, vitamins for children. 
*( in which $4000 of Donation has been provided by "Watches For Good" non-profit)

Funds Needed Weekly $3500+Please Support 


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