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With your donations to PWIC Global Impact non-profit you're supporting these projects in Ukraine. 
PWIC Global Impact Fundraising Goals: 
$12,000 monthly "Meals, Nutrition and Medication Program" to provide 100 families (~300 people) in Ukraine with monthly basic food and medication supply. 
$7,000 monthly Diabetes Management for Children
$5,000 monthly Adapt Ukrainian Family 
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Meals, Nutrition and Medication Program

"Hunger Relief During War"  

Providing balanced and nonperishable family-size food boxes to feed adults and children in Ukraine. Each family box will consist of the products that can be prepared without access to electricity, gas and will provide balanced nutritious meals. 

Medication delivery program across Ukraine in partnership with the volunteering organization in the cities. 

We're growing the network of the partners for the Kind Donation. 

Mental Health Program + Financial Aid 

FUNDING RECEIVED ~ $2100 from SHOP sales

"Psychological Support During War"  

Delivering mental support to Ukrainian adults and children through group and individual therapy and workshop lead by Ukrainian accredited psychologist Nioza Gubanova and Alyona Litovchenko. The program is facilitated on the online telegram channel with live sessions, 24/7 chat discussion, peer-to-peer support and educational content.

Update: This program has began on March 14th, 2022 and providing the services to 192 Ukrainian women.

"UAxata" Ukrainian refugee program

FUNDING RECEIVED ~33% $3560 (for April, 2022) 

"Self-sustaining refugee empowerment communities

for women with children

Purpose – to provide a short-term 3 months sustainable and environmentally conscious live/thrive/work/educate/move-on housing community for refugees.
Stage 1 - Immediate shelter and meals placements.

Stage 2 - Long term vision:

  • Smart cohabitation, providing both personal and communal living space

  • On-site industry specific manufacturing that provides paid employment opportunities (such as sewing factory, shoe making factory, knitting special services etc).

  • On-site sustainable garden-to-table farming, centralized self-reliant kitchen, fruit tree orchards, additional farming opportunities.

  • Each adult refugee will donate 5-15 hours to the community per week based on their skill set, or pay an affordable rent.

  • Adult refugees are provided educational, language and skill development opportunities on site.

  • Children are provided with centralized child care, tutoring, extra-curricular education based on the communal contributions and educational opportunities of our partners

  • Diverse background of participants allows for doctors, nurses, teachers, chefs, bakers, gardeners within the communities.

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