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Financial & Psychological Aid Sustainable Relocation 

PWIC Global Impact non-profit is offering three programs to support and empower Ukrainian women and children to rebuild their lives. 


Millions of Ukrainian families have lost their home, jobs and businesses overnight on the 24th of Feb 2022 with Russian War in Ukraine. Many women and children had to leave their homes and hide at the bomb shelters for days and weeks without proper supply of clothes, medication and in some cases even without access to food and water. 

Emergency support is needed to provide immediate help to mothers with children, and women who are unable to leave the country during Russian War in Ukraine. 

In the nearest future we're looking to provide the financial monthly assistance to women in Ukraine by sending monthly support directly to their banking accounts $100-$300 to cover the most basic needs for food, safety, transportation, etc. 

PWIC Global Impact is partnering with Ukrainian local non-profits to fund their evacuation and food support programs.  

We're going to launch more programs for Ukraine in the coming weeks please look at "PROJECT" section. 

100% of all your donations will reach Ukrainian women and children in need. We support Ukrainian mothers and children who become the refugee since Feb 24, 2022 abroad and the families who live in Ukraine currently.  

We've in the process launching three projects supporting Ukraine. Please read more under 


Empowering Ukrainian Woman and Moms in rebuilding their lives. 

Our mission is to help Ukrainian women to heal and start a new chapter in their life by providing the access to safety, mental health rehabilitation, housing, education, job placement assistance and supportive community.  

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